~ What is NosReaper? ~
NosReaper stands as a private server dedicated to the Nostale gaming community. Our commitment lies in preserving the authentic essence and original gaming experience offered by Nostale while elevating the overall quality of gameplay. At NosReaper, we aspire to impart a distinctive and personalized touch, enhancing the gaming environment to create a truly unique experience.
In order to achieve this, we have completely redesigned the prestige system, infusing it with the characteristic difficulty typical of Nostale. In other words, when ascending in prestige, you will not revert to a lower level; you will continue from the level you were at, thus preserving your progress. Additionally, we aim to respect Nostale's core elements. Each prestige will symbolize a specific act, with its enemies, items, and bosses.
~ So... What's new in NosReaper? ~
In NosReaper, we have introduced unique items designed to enhance the overall gaming experience. Additionally, we have revamped the weapon and level system, with old 92Lv weapons now status at hero level +10, exclusive to Prestige 5.
A new grimoire and essence system has been implemented, allowing players to improve their statistics by obtaining unique items from bosses, the essences. Last but not least, to acquire specific items, players won't be limited to raid encounters only, they will also need to kill numerous mobs, with a chance of obtaining the coveted items.
The acquisition of experience, gold, and reputation has been customized to ensure a proper level progression at each prestige, while also maintaining a relatively stable market pricing.
Certainly, NosReaper emphasizes teamwork, encouraging players to come together and strategize, whether it's coordinating efforts to defeat a boss or achieving objectives collectively.
However, for those who prefer a more independent gaming experience, a Solo-Group Raid system has been developed to balance boss stats when playing solo.
Nevertheless, the optimal experience is always achieved when playing as part of a team!
~ Not P2W Server! ~
Yes, we know that claiming "non-pay-to-win" may sound a bit contradictory, but no, our goal is entirely different from Nostale. We aim to ensure that all players can enjoy all the content for free.
However, that doesn't mean there won't be items in the store,
Since maintaining the server incurs costs, adding some items to the store will allow players to support NosReaper in a way that benefits everyone. None of these items, however, will be exclusive to the store.